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Mach2 tires have been around for decades.  We provide a 10 year  Pro-Rated Warranty to ensure your peace of mind.  

        Our tires will  allow you the peace of mind that, you will no longer have to worry about costly  flat tires in the field during the worst times of the year. You can now focus  your farming efforts on other things knowing your pivot will never again have a  flat tire.


We Have You Covered

 Mach2 has you covered - We provide multiple sizes in NO FLAT tires with 3  different tread options to best fit your terrain.  Call on our staff with any  questions.   (920) 767-1212

Mach 2  has over 14 sizes including recap sizes along with a 10 year warrant and three  tread designs. We have all your NO FLAT tire needs covered at cost close to an American made rubber pivot tire.


Our Quality Promise

Mach 2  Tires are made from 100% virgin/branded prime natural polyethylene resin from  DOW Chemical, assuring that you are buying a pivot tire with the best UV package  available today in the center pivot tire industry.

Questions & Answers

How long will the tires last?


Mach 2  Tires have been in the fields since 1996. We have the most aggressive UV  inhibitor in the industry and have designed our tires to last decades with out  being changed. Our engineering team in partner with DOW CHEMICAL sought out to  make a tire that farmers could rely on. Our tires have no fillers or  contaminants such as color to insure the greatest UV protection.

Will they get stuck?


 Mach 2 Tires is the only center pivot tire company to offer three tread designs  to match your soil type and water rate. This approach allows you to better match  our tire with your needs in the fields. With the proper tread to match the  correct soil will not only give you great traction but help you minimize soil  dispersion. 

How are they constructed?


Mach 2 Tires are  engineered to the highest quality standards in the tire industry. Our tires have  been designed to "grab" the rim and cinch tight through specific pounds of  pressure. With our anti-slip plate and the proper tightening our tires will not  slip on your rim. Together with the engineered properties and our 100% virgin  resin from Dow Chemical Our tires have stood the test of time for over 20 years.

Why are there 3 treads


As  you know there are many different soil types through out the US and the World.  After decades of research we decided to offer different treads for different  soil types. This allows you to customize each tower to best fit your particular  soil type. From a very aggressive tread to traditional tread to a minimal tread  we can help you slow down rutting and tracks.

Where are they made?


Mach 2 Tires are made in Lake Mills Wisconsin in our own 500,000 Sq Ft  facility. The tires are made in a process called rotational molding, which  ensures our tires are durable and can withstand loads exceeding 10,000  lbs..Being one of the largest privately owned plastic manufacturers gives us the  knowledge and leverage to build a better product at a better price, all made in  the USA.That is how we can offer a 10 year warranty with confidence.

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Will they fit any pivot?


The  easy answer is yes. Mach 2 Tires has outfitted Reinke, Zimmatic, Valley, Pierce,  T-L and many others around the world. We offer 14 sizes and three tread designs  for 8" ,10" and 12" rims.  

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